The Art Laboratory
An Art Laboratory represents the essence of each Artist. The wise development of Art, in all its forms, happens within the same laboratory.

Caiafa Laboratory combines beauty and experience and embraces Art Masters whose intent is to realize art operas of inestimable value. By visiting every corner of the laboratory, one may glimpse works of ancient Master Artisans, by now on the brick of extinction.
There is a perceived smell of wisdom and of the techniques which have been handed down from generation to generation, as if time had stood unchanged.

One who is accustomed to appreciate finished art-works is overwhelmed with emotion from observing the different processing steps which lead to the realization of true masterpieces.

The Creations of Capodimonte porcelain and of valuable frames, as well as the processing of marble and bronze…everything acquires an aura of magnificence.
Along with ancient sculptures and art pieces, Caiafa studio also collaborates with an old Neapolitan foundry that preserves classical casts coming from different Italian museums and providing faithful reproductions of ancient statues. Bronze sculptures are made by the lost wax casting process, the one used by ancient sculptors together with their care for details and their marvelous use of the chisel.

Neapolitan schools in marble-cutting are the most popular in Europe. Caiafa studio uses local artisans for the making of sculptures, art objects and hard stone tops in accordance with ancient technique and expert hands.
Capodimonte Porcelain
Works in biscuit or Capodimonte porcelain are made at the Caiafa Studio by Neapolitan ceramist masters which realize exclusive sculptures, art objects, lamp lights, frame decorations for Caiafa. Porcelain is a peculiar kind of ceramics that you can obtain at 1230 to 1300 centigrade heat. The artist draws the object he wants to realize. The sculptor makes a first rough shape on a gesso cast. Then it is modelled by chisel or hand to make the most accurate details. Then liquid porcelain is dried out. At this point it gets refined and imperfections or excess material are eliminated. For flowery compositions the artist shapes porcelain by hand. Furthermore, painted porcelains are made at 750 centigrade heat.
Restoration and Preservation
Caiafa studio is also specialized in the restoration of paintings, furniture, ancient objects. Experts can recover wood, marbles, porcelain, bronzes, gilding and lacquering.

For Giuseppe Caiafa restoration and gilding are arts to be preserved that require artistic taste, deep knowledge of styles and epochs, and technical expertise. The Caiafa team can save or recuperate ancient paintings or objects from old mansions where time has partially or entirely cancelled decorations and works.

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