Who We Are
The Caiafa Studio, expertly headed by the Director Giuseppe Caiafa, has quickly placed itself in the Italian Art scene thanks to the Director’s experience acquired over time, to his natural propensity to the cultural emerging paths, as well as his deep knowledge of the dynamics of the art market, always drawing on the historical roots of Neapolitan Art.
A visionary and pioneer of the new artistic movements, Giuseppe Caiafa boasts an illustrious family tradition and a team of specialized artisans, with particular expertise of materials and a great mastery of the most antique and most-sought after techniques.
Over time, Caiafa Studio surrounded itself with clever hands, architects of all the enormous beauty that innervates its art laboratory, transposing the traditions and making it an heir of memory, transferring it in its art-works, already famous and appreciated all around the world.

The Beginning
History honors traditions, passes on techniques which have now disappeared and increases the value of a handcraft
Caiafa Studio has a long-standing and illustrious family tradition. Since 1600 there is documentation bearing testimony of the great influence of the family, formerly known back then as renowned carvers.
In the Naples of the ‘700 the Caiafa have been recognized the merit and honor of having contributed to the reconstruction of the most suggestive locations of the city.
Early Years
The following years were years of great growth and achievements, allowing Raffaele Caiafa to reunite under his own direction the most illustrious Art Masters and Neapolitan workforces with the aim of creating works of immeasurable value, which frame both the most exclusive Italian residences and especially the foreign ones.
The Present
To this day, the tradition has been passed on and is disclosed with utmost passion from Giuseppe Caiafa, a great expert and an art lover whom strongly wished to establish his studio in Posillipo, a place of enchanting beauty and perpetual inspiration for its artisans. Today, the Studio avails itself of Art Masters passing on the Neapolitan tradition and render the works of immense cultural value.

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